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3rd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational-March 26th!

Bread, Butter, Cheese, Victory!

3rd Austin GCI!


It is with nearly-orgasmic pleasure that I tell you registration is open for the

3rd (mostly) Annual Austin GRILLED CHEESE INVITATIONAL!

The cheese will flow on SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2011

All the gouda details:


For the third year, the Grilled Cheese Invitational will be happening in Austin, Texas. The winners of this regional will be offered places to compete in the National Invitational in Los Angeles in April, and the highest scoring sandwich will win 1 plane ticket to sunny southern California for the event. There will be trophies. There will be cheese. It will be amazing.

Details about location will be available near to the event (it is an invitational after all), but do mark your calendar and let everyone you know to mark their respective calendars.

There will be only 65 competitors, no exceptions. So before you go to register, be thinking about what category you will compete in, what the name of your sandwich will be, and whether your sandwich will be vegetarian. (All of this information will be required at registration.)

Note: If you only plan on eating, there's no need to register. Only register if you are going to compete.


The Missionary Position: Standard bread, standard butter, and standard cheese.
The Kama Sutra: Exotic or standard bread, butter, and cheese plus additional ingredients.
The Honey Pot: Exotic or standard bread, butter, and cheese, but a sandwich that is sweet in general, or would best be served as dessert.
Lambada: The only the best for Texas category-Quesadillas!

Doors to the event will open at 1:00pm and the grilling will start promptly at 2:10pm. All those planning on grilling should be there and ready at 1:30pm.

Register here:

Full rules here:

For more information about the National Grilled Cheese Invitational, held annually in Los Angeles, Ca, visit http://www.grilledcheeseinvitational.com/index.html

Who will be the ULTIMATE grilled cheese champion? YOU DECIDE!

It takes a lot of work to make this thing happen. WE need help in
all sorts of areas including the gate, check in, merchandise table, data entry, clean up and set up. It's a really fun time!. If you would like to give us a hand in putting this ridiculous spectacle on, go ahead and email me at austin@grilledcheeseinvitational.com Please indicate which department you'd be willing to help with and we’ll put ya to work!
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